Valentine’s Day
Case-Nic Cookies
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Local delivery begins at 9:00 a.m.

Heart Cut-Outs

Frosted Heart Cut-Outs
(Available in Gluten-Free also)


(pre-order by 2/12)

Cookie Roses

Cookie roses

1 dozen Regular Cookie Sticks
in a rose box adorned with
fresh baby’s breath and candy!
Heart Cut-outs
Add $2.00

Vase O’ Cookies


12 Regular Cookies sticks
arranged in a glass vase

Heart Cut-outs
Add $2.00

Valentine Heart Wrap

Heart Wrap

6 Valentine Heart Cut-out sticks
wrapped as a bouquet

Large Valentine Heart or Bee


bee mine

Heart Cut-out or Bee Mine Cut-out
frosted and personalized as you wish!
Wrapped in a clear cello-bag
and tied with ribbons!

Plate O’Cuts

Plate O"Cuts

1 dozen Valentine Heart Cut-outs
arranged on a tray and
tied with ribbons!

Cookie Corsage


6 cookies sticks in a corsage box
with baby’s breath and candy Kisses

Brownie Cups


8 Brownies with a Peanut Butter Cup
in the middle of each arranged
in a Heart shaped tin!

Heart Shaped Cookie Cake


9” Chocolate Chip Heart
personalized as you wish
Also Available Gluten-Free

Valentine Cellobags


1 dozen Regular Cookies
in a decorative bag.

6 Heart Cut-outs

Cupcake  Frenzy
8 Cupcakes arranged in
a Heart Tin adorned with
Conversation Hearts
Choose from Chocolate, Yellow, Raspberry or Carrot

Valentine Mugs

6 Regular Cookie Sticks
in a mug with Kisses
Heart Cut-outs
Add $1.00

Mylar and Latex Balloons available!

Local Delivery starts at 9:00 a.m. on Valentine’s Day!!!

Place your order early.  Limited supply of some items.